Presenter Info

All presenters have been sent notice of the session schedule. Contact Megan Moncure with any questions at, 314-692-1202.

Presenter Registration Information

All presenters receive the discounted presenter rates. They are listed below.

  • Preconference Presenters (February 11): Receive one General Session day free (either February 12 or February 13.) To register all Preconference Presenters must contact Joan Forrest. This applys to Preconference Presenters only.
  • General Session Presenters - Presenting One Day Only (February 12 or February 13): The registration fee for the day you are presenting is $50. If you wish to attend the second General Session day it is an additional $90 for a total cost of $140.
  • General Session Presenters - Presenting Two Days (February 12 and February 13): The registration fee is $50 per day for a total of $100.

Presenters cannot receive the group discount so must be registered separately from those receiving this discount.

Presenter Registration

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