Call for Proposal Info.

METC 2014 Call for Proposals Open May 1, 2013

Check out the Presentation Proposal Cheat Sheet

Need more information? More details are listed below. 

If you have any questions contact Megan Moncure,, 314-692-1202.

General Proposal Information

Presentation Title & Description
A catchy title that is less than 10 words is preferred. It needs to describe your session but also be creative. This will help draw attendees into your session. Because of limited space in the program, the presentation description is limited to 60 words or less. Open with a creative yet relevant statement that grabs the reader. The description should be as accurate as possible.

Strands, Theme & Goals
Preference will be given to those submitting proposals related to the program theme, Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect, and/or one of the program strands. These are both required on the proposal form.

Presenters are also required to list the goals of their session. These goals need to relate back to the presentation description. For example: At the end of this session participants will...

METC is a program of Cooperating School Districts and the ISTE affiliate Missouri Educational Technology Community (formerly named the CSDVLC). As an affiliate all presentation sessions at METC are aligned with the ISTE NETS (National Education Technology Standards). Because this is a required field on the proposal form, read through the types of NETS listed below and indicate the appropriate NETS in your proposal.

You will also be required list the number under each type. For example: T 1, 3 would be appropriate.

Midwest Spotlight Educator
Nominate a colleague or apply to be one of our Midwest Spotlight Educators. The goal of this recognition is to honor leaders from the region in education technology, whose practices are making a difference for students and teachers. This is reflected in increased knowledge, improved skills and academic achievement by integrating technology into their instructional practices. Go to the Midwest Spotlight Educator page for more information. 

Presentation Types
There are seven types of presentations. 

  1. 50 min. Breakout Session*
  2. 50 min. Panel Session**
  3. 50 min. Student plus Teacher Presentation
  4. 1hr. and 50min. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) hands-on workshop, (In depth information presented). *Complete BYOD Information Section.*
  5. Half Day Preconference Workshop (3hr) Monday, February 11 only* 
  6. Full Day Preconference Workshop (6hr) Monday, February 11 only* 

*Limited to up to 3 presenters.
**Limited to 3-5 Panelists. 

Additional presenters may not be added after December 19, 2013.

General Session (1-4 Listed above) Information:
Presenters are encouraged to share their strategies for successful curriculum integration and transforming lessons that involve complex learning and thinking tools. For example:

  • What tech tools do you use to reach and teach your students?
  • How does technology impact and support your teaching and motivate your students to think, collaborate and learn?
  • How do you engage your tech savvy students? Does it make a difference in your classroom, library, school or district?
  • How do you use technology to differentiate lessons and meet the needs of all students?
  • How do you manage all of those mobile devices?

Preconference Workshop Information:
All preconference workshops are on Monday, February 10, 2014. They should emphasize hands-on experience for participants. Workshops may be either a half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) in length. Each workshop will have a limited enrollement. Please indicate if the workshop is dependent on Windows or Mac OS. Presenters must identify needed software or peripherals. Preconference Workshop presenters receive a free one-day attendance to METC 2014. If attending the second day of the general conference the fee is $90.

Presenter Contact Information
The presenter listed as the author of the proposal will be the primary presenter for that proposal. All presenter information will be sent out via Constant Contact. Some school districts block Constant Contact. Please take this into consideration when choosing which email address to use for your proposal.

Presenter Requirements

  1. Presenters must register for the conference. They will receive the presenter's discount registration fee of $50.00 for the day of their presentation. If attending as a general attendee for the second day the discounted price for that day is $90.00. If presenting a preconference workshop: All presenters of precons receive a free one-day attendance registration. If attending the second day of the general conference the fee is $90.
  2. Must supply all presentation information (names and school/district information for all presenters, and any additional requested information) by December 19, 2013.
  3. Must upload any electronic handouts to the conference website by February 7, 2014. Directions will be supplied to all presenters by December 2013.

Exhibitor Presenter Information

Bronze Plus Sponsorship Level: As a part of this sponsorship level, exhibitors will have the opportunity to present and demo their product in a 30 minute presentation at METC.  A educator as the primary presenter is not required for these demo presentations. Look for more information on the Sponsor Info page.

If a vendor would like to submit a proposal for a general session it is required that an educator who is currently in the classroom is the primary presenter of the session. Exhibitors that are presenting (dependent upon acceptance of their proposal) will be charged a booth fee of $799. For more information go to the Call for Exhibitors page. Presentations in which the purpose is to sell a product is not permitted during the general sessions. This is permitted when participating in the Bronze Plus sponsorship level.

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