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Do you see your students bored at using the same worksheets and strategies over and over? Then come learn about some of the many ways to create and use interactive games within Inspire to get your students more engaged in learning. Step by step directions will be given to create your own concentration and Jeopardy games. BYOL Double Session Requirements: Bring a laptop with the latest version of ActivInspire installed.
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application/pdf Kliesen-Live Morning Broadcasts.pdf

A small group of fifth grade students take responsibility for creating Spoede Today, our live morning broadcast. Using Google Docs and Google Calendar, these students plan, organize, write scripts, and help train the other students. Come and hear from the lead broadcast team as they share how they educate the Spoede students in the first few minutes of each day.


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application/pdf Gilchrist-Container Handout.pdf

Do you want to make your Promethean flipchart lessons more interactive? Do you want your students to come to the board and interact with your lesson? Come to this workshop! You will learn how to create eye-popping, interactive lessons that make your students want to learn. They will love coming to the board to participate! BYOL Double Session Requirements: Laptop with Promethean ActivInspire External Software installed.

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application/pdf Lindoln-Solutions Integration Gestures.pdf
application/pdf Lincoln-913 table.pdf
application/pdf Lincoln-016.pdf
application/pdf Lincoln-doc_cam_450_fact_sheet.pdf
application/pdf Lincoln-Training BookletBk.pdf
application/pdf Lincoln-Training Booklet2.pdf

During this session we will focus on some of the new features in the latest version of Notebook 11. We will look at customizing tool bars, adding sound, making your own interactive activities, launching a web browser inside of SMART Notebook as well as some improvements to some of your faovite tools. This course is for those that already have a basic understanding of SMART Board operation and want to learn all that's new.

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application/pdf TTm-Program Guide.pdf
application/pdf TTM-Math Content List.pdf

"Think Through Math" (Apangea Learning Math) is a true instructional math program with multiple layers of help for students. This help includes avatars that give immediate help anytime a student misses anything and access to live online teachers until 11:00 pm at night. "Think Through Math" also teaches the 5 step problem solving approached as outlined by common core. In addition this program has a reward system in which students can earn actual merchandise or give to charities. This is a math program that can make a difference for students and get them the help they need in math.

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Media Literacy is a necessary 21st Century skill for all students. Critical thinking and analysis of multimedia messages permeate our world. And, more and more teachers are looking for easy ways to incorporate videos in their classroom. In this session, participants will understand the general concept of media literacy, and we will discuss how student-generated videos, in all subjects for all classrooms, will teach media literacy lessons. Participants will leave this session with philosophies and tools to demonstrate how student-generated videos, in any subject manner, can illustrate content comprehension, while offering students a differentiated learning experience.

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application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Smith-Web 2.0.docx

 Learn how to use Web 2.0 applications to help your students create curriculum-based podcasts, infographics, screencasts, cartoons, online posters, illustrated timelines and videos.

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Co-presenters: Michelle Stuerman, Sue Robinson -Apps, apps, and more apps! It's overwhelming scouring through all the apps available and determining which ones are the most beneficial for students and educators. In this session, "appstanding" educational apps will be shared by an educational technology specialist, librarians, and students. Attendees will be encouraged to bring their mobile devices and share their favorite apps too. BrainPop will be giving away a free subscription to their "appstanding" website and app to one lucky attendee!


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Co-presenters: Bill Bass, Greg Lawrence - Join us for a fun and crazy Speed Geeking's like Speed Dating, but with a tech twist! Participants will visit different "dating stations" and get practical ideas for bringing digital citizenship into the classroom.


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Compare, contrast and try out 3 different mobile devices side by side! See Androids, iPads and Chromebooks all in one room and try them out as you hear about the features of each in this hands on, interactive. BYOD Double Session Requirements: Sets of the 3 devices will be provided.

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