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We have an astounding level of accessibility to information. In many cases our access to information can occur across a myriad of technological devices including a computer, a table device and a mobile device. Given the mass quantities of information available, it is vital for us to develop strategies for not only finding what we need, but also being able to effectively filter out what we don't. This session will focus on identifying appropriate strategies for information literacy and why these skill sets are critical for both our students and us. We will also identify appropriate methodologies for applying critical thinking skills to evaluate content.
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Project based learning, increased student voice/choice, innovation days, digital portfolios, increased student responsibility for learning... they all sound great but how can these concepts, powered by technology, be applied to the elementary classroom. Leave this session with ideas that have been successfully implemented and will be successful in your classroom.
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Participants in the session will get a host of projects and activities designed to put student choice and passion as the forefront. The focus of this session will be on sharing student projects with specific classroom examples which include Innovation Day as well as Passion Projects.
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application/pdf Bartelli-iPad vs. Google.pdf

Many schools struggle with the adoption of iPad programs and using Google Apps for Education on an iPad. Come see how my school made them work together to become a powerful learning tool.

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application/pdf Sanders Handout.pdf

Digital educators want to use iPads to transform digital learning, but are faced with the dilemmas of cost and how to effectively implement them into the school setting. This presentation will show how one tech savvy librarian and a core team of teachers are using iPads to impact student learning across the school. BYOD Double Session Requirements: Laptop or iPad.

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(Recess TEC Inc., Shelbyville, IL, United States) Let us help you "Kick up" your iPad skills to another level. Tips and tricks for navigating your iPad will be demonstrated, along with different management ideas for your classroom.
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application/pdf Kliesen-iPad Handouts.pdf

iPads are more than just Apps. They are a tool to think with. Find out ways the iPad can transform learning in your classroom, by exploring ways educators are using iPads to collaborate, connect, extend learning, evaluate, create, communicate, and develop lifelong learners. Are you ready to adjust your teaching for this new learning revolution?


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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to be powerful and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our students need for success, but many educators are still trying to figure out how best to address these standards. Learn how to compare the ISTE NETS standards to Partnership 21st Century Skills standards and how they both fit the framework of the CCSS. This session will explore 10 technology tools and resources that can help educators begin addressing the CCSS in real and relevant ways. Join Dr. Howie DiBlasi as he shares technology tools that will help prepare our students for success in a variety of areas, including College and Career Readiness, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language, and Mathematical principles.
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application/pdf Reynolds Presentation.pdf

This session will focus on the legal issues that arise from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementations at public school districts, as well as issues arising from opening/allowing access to social networks, and how IT professional can incure that their district stays in compliance with the law.

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Do you have questions about the value of learning online? Do you think that the Internet has changed the way we learn, work and play? Do today's students only learn in the four walls of the classrooms? How can we accommodate schedule issues, gifted, credit recovery, language options? CSD's newest program, District's Choice Online Learning, may have the answers you and your students are seeking. How can you get the highest quality courses at the lowest cost to your districts? Did you know that 82% of school districts had students take one or more online and blended courses? Do you know the statistics of how fast online learning is growing? How can a district make online classes a revenue stream? To learn about the benefits of online learning in the digital world, come to this session.

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