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application/ Rau-8th Grade Sketchup.xls
application/msword Rau-Google Sketchup Lesson Plan.doc
application/msword Rau-Sketchup.doc
application/ Rau-Sketchup.ppt

Google Sketch-up is a interactive 3d modeling program that will have you and your students creating and thinking 3d! This FREE program, yes FREE is a valuable resource for the art classroom, geometry lesson, historical settings and industrial arts. This program is a great compliment to any room with a SMARTboard.

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Search technologies continue to improve, but making search tools 'brain-dead easy' to use--Google's goal--creates new problems for information seekers. Topics and hands-on activities include 'common core,' managing 'info-whelm,' 'the filter bubble,' evaluating credibility and 'competencies in the cloud.' BYOD Double Session Requirements: Laptop or tablet with internet access.



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HEC-TV brings you two methods of Virtual Teaching and Learning. Award winning HEC-TV Live! is both a videoconference and a television program. Now, we've added HEC Point2Point, a videoconference with the panache of a tv program yet tailored to your classroom needs. Both offerings allow your students to speak to attorneys, scientists, artists, and more. We'll make your students think!
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Efficient. Effective. Ethical. These words are used over and over again throughout most information literacy curriculum/guidelines found. One librarian just can't cover it all. Learn how lessons were created and are being used by the librarian AND STAFF at one middle school to not only teach the skills but to demonstrate and have students use the MOREnet databases, an online encyclopedia and search engines efficiently, effectively and ethically.
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application/pdf Hatch, Stiebel Handout.pdf

Learn how students made a difference in their lives and the world with $50 and a computer. Seventh grade geography students were exposed to guest speakers, video conferencing, Kiva, and Prezi to understand the factors that affect GDP. Students made a global impact by using microlending, through Kiva, to help a third world country try to raise their GDP.

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Is there such a thing as a right way to implement a 1:1 program? Many districts across America are implementing such programs, but is their work yielding classrooms that make learning irresistible? Come discuss how a 1:1 program can maximize the learning potential for students, and in the process, create a whole new culture of learning for a district.



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application/pdf Robison-Handouts.pdf

Are you excited about the great ideas that you walk away with after a great conference session but concerned about the practical implications of putting them to work in your classroom? Join Melissa Robison, DEN Star and Missouri Leadership Council Member, as she walks you through a day in her second grade classroom. Supported by Discovery Education Streaming and armed with strategies designed to bring digital media to life she will show attendees that they too can turn on the technology light bulb for their students. Join this energizing session and get those creative (but practical) currents flowing.

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Technology in its current state provides us with immediate access to information as well as publication of our original works. This poses both a challenge and a solution in education. Come and take a closer look at how we can leverage our use of technology to faciliate higher levels of intrinsic Inspiration and Motivation in both teaching and learning. At the session's conclusion we will have a group discusion, and backchannel conversation, so all participants may develop and share effective strategies to increase Inspiration and Motivation in teaching and learning through the use of technology.
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Have you always wanted to blog with your students, but didn't know how to get started? This session will introduce you to several tools such as Kidblog, #comments4kids, and quadblogging. Participants will have the opportunity to create a template, as well as learn tips, tricks, implementation, and classroom management ideas. BYOD Double Session Requirements: Any device with internet access.
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Co-presenters" Basiyr Rodney and Roy Tamashiro - Most school districts are struggling to figure out how to manage students with smartphones. This powerful handheld computer gives teachers the ability to deliver engaging lessons. In this presentation we demonstrate an actual smartphone lesson. Participants will use their Smartphones along with web 2.0 applications and social media to experience this innovative approach to lesson delivery. BYOD Single Session Requirement: Tablet or Smartphone.

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