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Traditional teachers will be left at the starting block unless they investigate how to flip their classes and educate their students in how they learn in 2012. Educators will learn how to flip their classrooms from two teachers who have flipped their classes. Learn how to flip classes with ease, set up vidcast for instruction, have rich student centered class discussions,how to incorporate project based learning and using a blog.
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The idea of a flipped classroom has recently gained popularity, yet many teachers are intimidated by the work involved in making a flipped classroom a reality. In this session teachers will learn the simple steps it takes to create videos, post videos online to be viewable by mobile devices, as well as how to set up effective flipped lessons.

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The 1:1 classroom is fast becoming a reality. Many school districts have invested in tablets, laptops and Chromebooks. Students now have access to their own tablets and other powerful computing devices. Web applications (aka apps) have become the tools of the digital classroom. Knowing which apps to use can make the difference between seamless 1:1 integration or ineffective use of otherwise powerful technologies. In this presentation we demonstrate how Google's Chrome Web store and Chrome OS offer linkages to free, useful apps that can enliven 1:1 adoption programs.
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Equip students with the tools needed to grasp mathematical concepts by complementing your teaching with Microsoft Mathematics 4.0. Microsoft's powerful visualization tools help to capture students' imaginations and keep them engaged, allowing their comprehension to rise exponentially. Learn how you can use these free Math tools in your classroom.
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For whatever "flavor" your school decides to go with: BYOD, laptops, tablets . . . the decision has been made that more technology is coming to your school (your classroom). This session will provide some lessons learned and insightful ideas from the teacher's side of the desk to help you along this journey. Monett High School went 1:1 in January, 2012.

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The Joplin Schools was devastated by an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. In spite of heavy losses, the school district rallied the community to open schools on time 87 days later. This session will provide an overview of some of the current challenges and opportunities faced by the Joplin Schools as it endeavors to turn this terrible tragedy into an amazing opportunity to reinvent public education for its children.~Cost: $30


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Harness the motivational power of games to improve student engagement in Moodle courses. The effective design of a course can keep students in a game-like state by escalating the difficulty of the work incrementally and unveiling levels one at a time. Discover how this and other game-like elements can be used to transform Moodle courses into gamified learning experiences.

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What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS (global positioning satellite) users. Learn how to incorporate the use of GPS in your classroom and engage your students as they connect with nature and communicate with people and their community. This presentation will give you ideas about how to incorporate this high tech orienteering experience into a variety of subjects.
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In this session you will explore how using Google Chrome as a web browser opens up a world of engaging extensions, apps, and web tools for you to use in your classroom to not only boost student engagement, but to create a custom web browsing experience as well.
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With the advent of collaborative technologies, it is easier than ever to connect with classrooms around the world and it is essential that out students develop global competence. In this session, education consultant Lucy Gray will discuss global education initiatives, strategies for finding partner classrooms and specific tools that will allow you to bring the world to your school. Also, learn about the Global Education Conference, a virtual event dedicated to bringing educators together to share their work and establish connections for developing global projects.

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