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Did you know that Discovery Education streaming has videos, an interactive atlas, dynamic calendar, thousands of quiz questions, images, speeches, and sound effects? This fast- paced, energizing session will open your eyes to the possibilities of digital media and Discovery Education streaming in the classroom. Join Joe as he leads this exciting quick-fire session. BYOD Single Session Requirements: Participants can bring their own device to follow along.
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From Boston to Missouri, from performing arts to social studies, join us for two hours of instructional exploration through the rich media resources of Discovery Education. Experience a model classroom as you fly at an altitude of fun-thousand feet to Boston, MA, and investigate the Boston Tea Party through the lens of 21st Century resources. This fast-paced and engaging two hour model classroom will be an exciting journey in cross-curricular integration for Missouri educators. BYOD Double Session Requirements: Tablet or laptop.
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Are your data reports just plain text with a table tossed in the middle? Have you seen Infographics and want to design your own? Bring your laptop and school data to learn the different methods from simple to detailed to make your own Infographics. Market your library with colorful detailed reports. Collaborate with teachers on data lesson plans for students. BYOD Double Session Requirements: Laptop and school data.
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application/pdf Tenny-Handout.pdf

Should teachers and kids really be investing so much instructional time using technology? YES! Discover how technology can engage students, support and reinforce learning, provide immediate feedback to guide instruction, help students demonstrate understanding, improve parent communication, and make connections outside your walls. We will prove how communication, assessment, and web 2.0 tools can REALLY transform learning in your classroom.

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Collaborative digital storytelling projects allow students to work in their area of strength and projects can develop students' abilities in any curriculum area. While challenging advanced students and supporting struggling learners, the power of shared digital projects bring cooperative groups together as a learning team. Using free software and online applications, digital storytelling can lead to success for all learners.

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application/pdf Franke-PDF.pdf

Learn about Edmodo: a free course management system (CMS) that teachers can use to give assessments, create discussion forums, allow students to turn in assignments, give polls, upload course documents, and keep in contact with parents all in one place. Learn from a presenter that can answer all your questions, give you suggestions and help you build this CMS into any school.

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application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Heine-eMentorships.pptx

Personalize learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) using online mentorship projects and collaborative networks. This session highlights how high school students are using project-based learning to accomplish individualized learning objectives with the help of researchers and technology. Discover how your school may use the free CoolHub. IMSA platform to connect students with mentors without the need for travel.

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"Hear My Voice" is an initiative in the Fox High School that gives targets of bullying and harassment a voice and transforms lives by putting students first. Learn about the HIIP (Honor, Inclusion, Integrity and Pride) Team, which is a task force comprised of high school students representing each grade level at Fox High School, and gain a new perspective on how student autonomy fosters self-confidence and how giving students a voice helps them heal. "Hear My Voice" cultivates a deeper understanding of what bully harassment really is, its invisible impact, and helps to break the ice for targets to speak out and become empowered. Since the initiative began, Fox HS has seen a notable increase in the courage of students to report harassment and wrongdoing as well as an increase in active bystanders. This program can be adapted to fit any grade level and allows room for personalization.
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application/pdf Langhorst Handout.pdf

Many students fail to report incidents of bullying, cyberbullying and other forms of harassment due to many fear factors. New technologies can be leveraged by school administrators to help encourage reporting of bullying and other incidents. Attendees will learn about new forms of anonymous reporting solutions and how they can complement a wider bully prevention program.

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application/pdf Ostrom-Choices Human Rights iBook.pdf

Explore a student-centered method of instruction that develops skills and habits for active global citizenship. Learn the advantage of iBook Author's ability to integrate video, graphics, and other media with digital text to create a resource that enhances the reading experience for students and better prepares them for the collaborative work that takes place in the classroom. Teachers will be introduced to and receive an iBook hands-on unit that uses primary sources, case studies, embedded videos, and role-play simulations to engage students in an exploration of the concept of human rights and the challenges of international enforcement. Bring Scholars Online videos into the classroom by embedding them directly into the iBook assists all learners, especially visual and auditory learners.

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