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Learn to use ActivInspire to create self-checking, interactive containers that will increase student engagement in your elementary classroom! Create activities in which correct answers are contained and rewarded by sounds and incorrect answers are rejected by the container. Step-by-step directions will be given for creating containers that contain anything, one specific object, and multiple objects as identified by keywords. BYOL Double Session Requirements: Bring a laptop with the latest version of ActivInspire installed.
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Want to add movie making into your crowded curriculum? Hear from a panel of past Show-Me a Movie winning teachers and contest program manager on best practices for creating a digital story. Learn how to direct student groups into producing quality movies; discussion will include how they integrated movie-making into their curriculum and hwat these teachers would do to edit or revise the process if they could work on a sequel. a handful of winning 2011 and 2012 movies will be screened. Questions are welcomed!
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Are you still giving paper and pencil tests and quizzes? Repeating the same lecture three times a day? See how learning management systems like Blackboard, Moodle, D2L and others are used by thousands of teachers to make teaching easier so there is less focus on the tasks and more focus on the thrills! See an example of utilizing fipped classroom instruction. Learn effective ways to evaluate available systems and walk away with an evaluation sheet to determine the best LMS for your school(s).
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application/pdf Bartelli-Creative Movie Making.pdf

How do you trick kids into learning? Have them create movies. From green screen to special effects this session will highlight apps used to make quality movies. Making videos in class should be more than just fun. This session will put emphasis on creating iPad video lessons focused on learning.

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Stop wandering the web of excess information and learn how modern curation can lead students to higher level thinking skills. Discover the benefits of curation tools in connecting with colleagues to expand your repertoire of quality resources for impactful learning experiences. Session provides an overview of various curation platforms. Learn more about the new search—curation!


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application/pdf Coleman-The Challenge of Bogus Brakes teachers guide.pdf
application/pdf Coleman-The Challenge of Bogus Brakes student copy.pdf
application/pdf Coleman-mythbusters.pdf
application/pdf Coleman-mythbusters student copy.pdf
application/ Coleman-Discovery Science Techbook.ppt

The diffusion of innovation starts with the teacher. New innovations in technology are replacing the need for print materials and providing new and enriching learning opportunities. Discovery Education and the implementation of Net-books in the classroom provide multi-media learning without being tied to a text or access to a media lab. Come join the exploration into implementing Net-books using Discovery Education and Scientific Inquiry using technology in a Standards Based Classroom. Don't be afraid to hit the delete button, gain approval from students and administrators for implementation, and get your students creating and learning using their fingertips.

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application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation Tonsing-Meyer Presentation.pptx

Participants will explore the connections between computer science, technology, and mathematics common core standards. Through a hands-on activity participants will have a better understanding of the computer science standards (CSTA), national education technology standards (ISTE) and math common core standards. In addition, participants will investigate the similarities and disconnects between the three sets of standards.

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Assistive technology is recognized as an important component of the individual education progrmas (IEP) of students who receive special education. IDEA 2004 emphasizes this importance by indicating that IEP teams consider all students' needs for assistive technology when completing IEPs. Increase your awareness of assistive technology and the assistive technology service delivery process used in educational settings. Learn about the criteria for consideration and assessment and using Quality Indicators Assistive Technology Services as a guide. Resources to assist in the provision of assistive technology services will be provided.
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Our students are gaining dual citizenship in the real world as well as the virtual world. For generations, we have been teaching students how to become citizens in the real world. So how do we help them become good citizens in the virtual world? Participants will learn about the different components of digital citizenship as well as acquire resources and strategies for integrating digital citizenship skills into classroom instruction.


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What is the difference in social bookmarking and digital curation? Explore the options for curating and evaluating the flood of information that pours over your media streams. Track your personal learning network by implementing a curation blueprint that suits your style and time. Join in pinning, scooping, digging, and noting to organize your social media streams like a true ninja curator!

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