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(Recess TEC, Inc., Shelbyville, IL, United States) Motivate your students to write more and complain less using these free and easy-to-implement iPad apps. If you have ever wondered how to integrate technology into your writing lessons across the curriculum, we can show you how using your iPad and low-cost/free apps! The integration of audio/video will also be demonstrated to differentiate instruction and engage students with varied learning modalities.
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Help your students experience learning in a new way with augmented reality by bridging the virtual and physical worlds using the devices already in their pockets. See how advances in this technology make these experiences more accessible to students of all ages and engage them in creating and adding to their own environment.



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Join us and find out how Discovery Education is going mobile, social, and adding even more functionality for you and your students. In this session, we will also model strategies for exploring your favorite content, as well as the newest features and resources available through Discovery Education.
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Three years ago we set out to create a culture of security with the staff of our district. In that time we have made significant progress. During this presentation we will look at the steps and missteps taken, as well as the structures put in place to get us to our goal. We will also discuss our plans and next steps to address the challenges that lay ahead.
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Join Google Certified Teacher Lucy Gray to discover ways to promote search literacy in your classroom. Search is the essential 21st century skill and in this session, participants will learn to fully utilize Google search features and techniques. Session attendees will also have the opportunity to explore tools such as Google Book Search, Google Scholar, and Google News. Participants will come away from this session with an understanding of search and the importance of establishing a research stance in schools.
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Our students have unique opportunities to use ICTs to communicate and collaborate with their peers worldwide. When students collaborate successfully and emulate effective teamwork, they accomplish and often surpass learning goals. However, global collaboration has its hiccups, such as dealing with various time zones, decision-making, problem solving, and intercultural communication. How do we avoid making mistakes and learn to work together to build a vision? In this workshop, we will discover various free web platforms that support effective collaboration and teamwork on online projects. We will also discover tips for effective collaboration.

Presentation Resources

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Portfolios are the quintessential assessment tool for education majors hoping to become teachers in Missouri. A portfolio ensures that a student teacher has succeeded in completing the competencies outlined by state standards. Instead of the traditional CD/USB, a Blog-folio (portfolio in blog format) can be used to assess students in a more streamlined and efficient manner. Check out how this technological assessment can be the next step up in portfolio presentations.
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Many teachers use blogging to communicate with parents, but blogging and other social networking applications can be used successfully (and safely) with elementary students. Participants will learn practical ideas for blogging with elementary students and how to use other tools with their classes. Blogging motivates and engages students while providing them with authentic learning experiences and publishing opportunities.

Presentation Resources

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application/pdf Mahaffney-BOOM Handout.pdf

Ninth grade teachers and librarians will discuss the creation of a required mini-course that guides students in the creation of a Brain Owner's Operating Manual (BOOM). Presenters will highlight the opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction in study skills, library research, critical reading, and technological literacy. Emphasis will be placed on the Mind, Brain, and Education framework employed in leveraging technology for grade level, content area instruction.

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Are you thinking of moving to a 1:1 environment? Discover how our school successfully implemented a Bring Your Own iPad initiative. Join us as a panel of teachers and students discusses the planning, the implementation, and the success of our program. Learn the apps and digital textbooks we use for collaborative and interactive instruction.

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