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The reality is, primary classrooms are not created equal: whether with one iPad or a 1:1 initiative; a SMARTboard or just a projector and a document camera. It will always be you, the teacher, who makes the difference. Learn the many uses of having one device in your classroom and how this can enrich students' learning. Learn to create interactive lessons and projects to produce successful, enthusiastic readers and writers... with what you have. Leave with a list of apps that will help benefit student's learning on an iPad, how to create digital stories, and other takeaways to benefit the primary classroom. Time for app sharing provided.


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Jill Kelly is piloting 1:1 computing with iPod Touches in her 3rd grade classroom. This session will lead you through the start up of the pilot to present. The presenter will share apps, classroom management, and integration ideas.

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Learn how one district has approached filtering a take-home 1:1 initiative. This project started with an immediate need in 2007 with zero budget, and continues today. Included is a combination of an in-line proxy, local and remote DNS filtering. See these together provide an effective and scalable solution.
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In January of 2012, the Wentzville School District took their digital conversion to the next level, by introducing their eStudent Program (1:1 Netbook Initiative). Come hear from students, teachers, administrators, and district leaders as they share in this informal, roundtable discussion on how the eStudent program is transforming learning in and outside of the classroom.


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Has the professional development structure in your building or district changed in the past several years or stayed stagnant? Are you looking for new and innovative ideas for facilitating professional learning? In this session, we will explore ways 21st century educators collaborate and learn. These ideas can be transferred into different ways building or district level professional development is facilitated. Bring your Power PD ideas to share in this collaborative session! Atomic Learning will be giving away free subscriptions to two lucky session attendees! BYOD Single Session Requirements: Mobile device.


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How can you become an effective 21st Century school librarian? This session will cover many topics including creating a library website, digital citizenship and digital footprints, student research skills (with or without technology), plagiarism, citing sources and more. This session will start you on the path of becoming your school's source that everyone including teachers and students, will use to find the best information.

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Connect to the Common Core Standards by becoming the "point person" for matching library resources to reading and writing needs for instructional resources. Communicate the process and resources to teachers and administrators with online curation tools of ideas and lessons. Collaborate with teachers using technology tools integrated into learning objectives. Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with School Librarians = CCS Success!


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Time is not on our side, especially when it comes to incorporating multimedia into our classrooms. Come discover how using mobile devices, 5 minutes in our classrooms, and a handful of apps can transform our classrooms. Our students have the tools, let's put them to use.



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Make learning fun for your students! Integrating multiple technology tools in cross-curricular projects can help to motivate and engage even to most reluctant students. Tools discussed include course management, creating your own tutorial videos, online presentation tools, Office essentials, and digital cameras. Learn how to incorporate technology tools into cross-curricular project based learning units and walk away with practical classroom applications that can be used for multiple purposes and content areas.

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This session will be a good old fashion show and tell. The presenter will be sharing resources and tools that make his job as a teacher easier and learning better for his students. A few of the shared resources will be Evernote, Screencast-o-matic and many more including the single greatest online teacher resource available… These resources will appeal to teachers and administrators alike.