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    Digital TLC: Teaching, Learning and Creating in the Digital Age

    • Ken Shelton

      In many cases the, 21st Century is also referred to as The Digital Age. The Digital Age provides unprecedented access to a wealth of resources and content for both educators and learners alike. In addition to this access to resources, we also have the power to create and distribute our own original content. This keynote will center around the trichotomy of using Digital Content to Teach, Learn, and Create. Ken will illustrate the primary themes of METC (Motivate, Engage, Transform and Connect) and how they apply to an educator’s use of technology in teaching and students’ learning. Finally, the METC’s Midwest Spotlight Educators will be showcased as well as how they apply Digital Teaching, Learning and Content in the their classrooms.

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    This session will be live-streamed below on Tuesday, February 12 from 8:00 - 9:15 A.M.
    Please note that times are approximate since this is a live event.

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